equity token YGM casting channel and opensea area have been opened

ByWayne equity token YGM casting channel and opensea area have been opened

With the maturity of encryption technology, the NFT market has gradually become popular in the application exploration of the collision between blockchain and various traditional industries, and has spawned the birth of countless digital artworks, Punk avatars and encrypted collection markets. With the continuous expansion of the NFT market scale and the continuous doubling of the transaction volume, more and more institutions and individuals have turned to the NFT field and pushed its popularity to a new peak, just like a 100 billion market picture scroll in the public. It unfolded slowly in front of him.

The growth rate of the NFT trading market is also astonishing. In July 2022, NFT reached a new high, and the total market transaction volume has exceeded 61 billion US dollars. One of the cutting-edge NFT trading platforms,, will soon occupy the focus of market users.


Decentralized social NFT trading platform will be launched soon

At present, the highly anticipated first innovative decentralized social NFT trading platform – will be launched soon, and the first Genesis YGM NFT will also be unveiled.


We have global senior “code farmers” who are constantly developing to meet the current NFT transaction needs. was established by an experienced Crypto team and has rich industry NFT liquidity solutions. It is the first company led by the crypto world community The innovative decentralized social NFT trading platform aims to improve many known problems of the existing NFT trading platform, and build a low threshold, security, diversification and deep interaction NFT liquidity ecosystem through the innovative NFT interactive experience platform . At present, an angel investment of USD 2 million in Crypto Capital has been completed.


The first launch of YGM NFT to enjoy three continuous rights and interests YGM depicts a panoramic future of NFTs of, users who hold NFTs can issue and mint an exclusive NFT through Based on the true portrayal of IT practitioners, has created a batch of YunGou Members (YGM for short) with platform NFT equity value. YGM is a community member membership certificate issued by, with a total of 6666 sets, and will never be issued.


For the first NFT, the team said that YGM NFT, from conception to planning to implementation, includes the ingenuity and sweat of every team member. In order to build a sustainable NFT platform and allow users to get real added value, YGM brings the following three sustainable benefits.


Identity rights: YGM holders can enter Discord to participate in private clubs; YGM holders can get priority to participate in platform-exclusive welfare activities; YGM holders can enter the exclusive DAO community and have voting rights for platform development, etc. privilege.


Dividend rights and interests: YGM can obtain the dividend rights of handling fee; YGM can obtain the dividend rights and interests of NFT issuance.


Welfare rights: YGM can obtain platform-exclusive NFT airdrops; YGM can obtain the weighting of lottery draws for the platform’s “Son of the Chosen”; other empowerments such as priority participation are constantly being updated…


As a trading platform NFT equity symbol, YGM will assume various roles within the platform, and will also become one of the important elements driving the ecological development of the platform.


Join Yungou.Io to start the journey of NFT wealth

In order to build a strong platform and form a vibrant community, Yungou.Io has planned the platform NFT equity token, platform basic functions, NFT incubator, platform special functions, NFT empowerment area, platform extension function, NFT activity area, Platform operation model and other functional systems, and it is expected that the transaction volume of will exceed 2 billion US dollars in 2023.


The core team of consists of extreme NFT icebreakers from the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Taiwan. The founders are well-known NFT holders such as Bayc, Azuki, Moonbirds, etc. They combine the characteristics of existing blue-chip projects and spontaneously build to meet the needs of the masses The socialized NFT trading platform, at the same time, uses the code farmer as the image to cast the platform’s equity NFT, and some of its team holders come from world-renowned technology research and development teams.


At present, the YGM casting channel of’s equity NFT token has been opened. Enter the official MINI casting website through the sharing link to conduct blind box casting. The blind box will open the corresponding YGM. The casting blind box has been launched on opensea. After each user successfully casts The invitation system is automatically activated, and after sharing with others, a link relationship is generated directly, and the corresponding sharing rewards are obtained.

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